Steelmanville Road is the prequel to Bad Ben.
A much more serious, darker film, it answers all the questions you may have after watching Bad Ben.  Who were the previous owners, why did they put all the cameras in the home, what is Bad Ben? All your questions will be answered.
Bad Ben is the original film in this series.
Tom Riley bought a house at a Sheriff's Sale expecting to flip it for a profit. Unexplained things started happening immediately that were captured on 21 security cameras throughout the home. Meant to be a horror, fans of this have found the film funny.  You'll laugh between scares watching the only person in the film try to save his investment.

Badder Ben picks up where Bad Ben, the original film, ended.  We thought Tom Riley was dead, but somehow he survived and a team of Paranormal Investigators looking to film a Documentary in the home finds Tom and brings him back. This film has a much more comedic spin to it than the previous two and even though you'll be spooked in some parts, there are plenty of laughs.