The Bad Ben Series

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New to the Bad Ben Series?  Below is the order we reccomend watching the films.

#1.  Bad Ben, the original.  Tom Riley buys a house at a Sheriff's Sale thinking he got a great deal.  Right after taking possession, he enters the house and almost immediately, weird stuff starts happening! Everything is captured on 21 surveillance cameras.

The Original Film That
Launched The Series
#2.  Steelmanville Road, the Bad Ben Prequel.  You'll meet the previous owners of the house, learn why all those cameras are installed, and watch the horror they experience.
The Prequel - Meet The
Original Owners
#3.  Badder Ben, the Bad Ben sequel.  Apparently Tom Riley did NOT die at the end of Bad Ben.  A group of Paranormal Investigators come to the house to do a story on the events that happened there and they bring Tom Riley to interview about his experiences.
Tom Riley Returns with a team
of Paranormal Investigators
#4.  Bad Ben, The Mandela Effect. In a world full of paranormal universes, Tom Riley keeps coming to the house over and over again for the first time and each time he has a new experience.
Tom Riley stuck In a loop of
Parallel Universes
#5.  The Crescent Moon Clown. Renee Walker's parents now own the home on Steelmanville Road and she is home alone when weird stuff starts a clown trying to kill her!
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#6.  The new owner of Steelmanville Road, Mrs. Emily May, hires Tom Riley to go BACK in the house and rid it of anything evil before she moves her family in.  Tom returns, because he needs the money, and is faced with this mystery:  How are the evil spirits getting in the house?
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This is the film that launched the series, the ORIGINAL Bad Ben!
Tom Riley bought a house at a Sheriff's Sale expecting to flip it for a profit. Unexplained things started happening immediately that were captured on 21 security cameras throughout the home. Meant to be a horror, fans of this have found the film funny.  You'll laugh between scares watching the only person in the film try to save his investment.  A cult classic among Found Footage enthusiasts.

Steelmanville Road is the prequel to Bad Ben.
A much more serious, darker film, it answers all the questions you may have after watching Bad Ben.  Who were the previous owners, why did they put all the cameras in the home, what is Bad Ben? All your questions will be answered.

Badder Ben is the sequel to Bad Ben and picks up where that film left off.  A team of Paranormal Investigators returns to the home to do a documentary on the events that happened there.  It's funny, it's scary, it is the perfect film to follow Bad Ben and Steelmanville Road.

You'll want to have watched Bad Ben before watching this latest installment of the franchise.  Assuming you have, then in Bad Ben, The Mandela Effect, Tom Riley is caught in an infinite loop returning to the house on Steelmanville Road over and over again...for the first time, in parallel universes.

The Walkers are the new owners of the home and their daughter, Renee, is home alone her first night after returning from college. She finds a box in the basement that she pries open and discovers it contains a rag doll clown. The smell is horrible so she takes the box outside not realizing she has released THE CRESCENT MOON CLOWN.  Considered one of the creepiest in the series since the original BAD BEN you'll find your heart racing as she experiences a series of Paranormal Events that she deals with all by herself.  Will she survive once she comes face to face with the evil Crescent Moon Clown? You won't know until the very end of this 5th installment in the Bad Ben Series.

A new owner has purchased the home on Steelmanville Road and hires Tom Riley to go into the house and rid it of anything evil before moving her family in.  Tom has this mystery to face...why does it appear everytime he's in the house, the evil is eventually gone...only to return.  Somewhere, there is a portal where they are getting in and it's his mission to find out where it is.  Will he be able to defeat the evil once and for all and seal the way in?  You'll find out in this 6th installment of the Bad Ben Series.

Tom Riley ANIMATED!  In this short comedy, Tom Riley comes face to face with THE WITCH BITCH. She's mean, she's ugly, and she is intent on being the last one standing in this battle.  Can Tom Riley  stumble his way through this and survive?

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